For Moms’ eyes only…

How To Get The SEXY
Back In “Sexy Mama!”

After gaining 50 pregnancy pounds and getting doctors orders to STOP gaining weight… how a frustrated new Mom discovered a way to go from “baby belly” to FLAT belly—exercising just 15 minutes per day!


From: Holly Rigsby C.P.T.
To: Moms trying to get rid of their baby bellies!

Dear Mom,

The first time I saw my son was the single happiest moment of my life.

As we locked eyes for the first time, it was like the world had stopped spinning and my lifelong dream of having a baby had finally come true.

For a few magical hours I felt like nothing could go wrong…

…until the nurses helped me out of the bed and into the shower.

In that moment, the magic left my body in a flash, and I was overcome with a sudden burst of panic.

“Oh no! My body!”

You see, over the past 9 months I’d sort of… let myself go.


Don’t worry if you ate a lot while you were pregnant—I did it too!

Sure, it was great while it lasted.

You know, the extra slice of pizza (or 3)…

… the all-too-often “ice cream and a movie night” (popcorn just wasn’t cutting it anymore)…

… and the strange combinations of foods (pickles and chocolate anyone?) that often added more calories to my diet than my body could handle.

However, after a while, it started catching up with me.

My careless lifestyle habits had completely destroyed my metabolism, causing my weight to escalate dramatically as I entered my second trimester.

Then finally…

The Ultimate Embarrassment: My Doctor Asked Me to
“Slow Down” on the Weight Gain!

About 5 months into my pregnancy, I was gaining weight pretty quickly; in fact, I was blowing up like a balloon!

And it gets worse—my doctor had to tell me to slow down!

Talk about a blow to my already fragile self-esteem.

I practically snuck out of the office that day, half-holding back tears, half-angry at myself for all those years I had treated myself so poorly.

I despised EVERY picture that was taken of me when I was pregnant, and by my 6th month, I could no longer even recognize my own face.

It was a nightmare!

In photos, I would hide my face and try to keep my exposure to my belly only. I did everything to avoid the embarrassment of associating myself with that weight gain.

Here’s the most embarrassing part…

By The Time Tyler Was Born… I’d Gained
A Massive 50 Pounds!

After Tyler was born, I was told I would lose a lot of weight simply from breastfeeding, and I did, shedding 17 pounds in the first 2 months.

And then, as quickly as the weight came off my weight loss came to a screeching halt!

Sure, I was grateful to lose those 17 pounds (in fact, fitting back into REAL jeans again was a godsend!), but I still needed to lose 33 pounds more to get back to my “pre-baby body.”

I needed to do something FAST.

My self-esteem was at rock-bottom

My stomach was flabby and overstretched

And I wanted to look SEXY again!

Your baby wants you to spend time with them… not working out!

In desperation, I tried various exercise programs.

I read all the nutrition books and even started practicing “positive thinking.”

But to be honest…

I didn’t have the TIME to be doing everything they suggested.

If I were to follow their suggestions, I’d be spending 1-2 hours every day JUST getting my body back in shape.

I mean come on—do they REALLY expect new Moms to be able to follow programs like that?

Finally, I’d almost given up and had reverted back to a very simple routine.

Each day, my husband and I would go for a walk throughout the hills and valleys in Boston.

And that’s when it clicked!

How Walking Through the Hills of Boston Shed My
Baby Fat Faster Than HOURS on the Stairmaster!

For some reason or another, my husband and I started walking up and down those hills while alternating periods of fast walking (up the hills) and slow walking (down the hills).

Little by little, I noticed my pants getting a little more loose.

Was it walking hills that helped me lose weight—or something much more powerful?

And then…I had to buy a new pair of jeans that was 1 size smaller!

In the next 8 weeks, I dropped another 14 pounds, simply because I was varying the intensity level of my exercises.

So I began reading up on the intensity levels of exercise and how it affects your body’s ability to lose weight.

I wanted to see if there was a way to get the same fat-burning effect I had from walking those hills while somehow managing to do it even FASTER—since walking still took up about 45 minutes per day.

Plus, winter was coming up, so I didn’t feel like walking with my little boy out in the freezing cold weather every day just so I could get back into “pre-baby” shape.

And to top it all off, a personal tragedy happened, forcing my family and I to move back to Kentucky, where the missing piece of the puzzle was finally revealed…

The Little-Known Secret a Kentucky Man Taught Me, Which Melted Off
ALL My Baby Fat—And More!

When we moved back to Kentucky, the stars must have aligned because, somehow, I just happened to meet a man who brought a whole new world of possibilities to my life, allowing me to finally discover the missing piece of the puzzle that was keeping me overweight.

What was this secret?

The secret was called “EPOC,” short for “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.”

“What in the heck does that mean!?” ran through my mind as he explained:

“EPOC” is the SECRET Moms are using to get back into their skinny jeans—even after having children!

“EPOC is a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity intended to erase the body’s oxygen debt. In order for your body to get back up to speed, it raises your metabolism levels for the next 24-48 hours.

“That means your metabolism works harder to burn off your baby weight—automatically—no matter WHAT you do after you workout.”

He continued…

“Plus, since doing this requires more intensive exercises, it takes much less time to complete, which is perfect for you because you’re already busy enough being a Mom. It also helps preserve your muscle instead of wasting it away like long, slow cardio does.”


I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to finally find a way to exercise in just a few minutes per day while getting better results than I ever saw with long, slow, boring cardio like the Stairmaster or treadmill.

Strength training gave me the body I needed to get back into a bikini!

So I began taking his advice and had him write me a sample workout program. This program consisted of strength training with a mix of bodyweight exercises and a few dumbbells.

And, no, don’t worry: strength training does NOT mean bodybuilder “bulking-up” type routines or a routine that requires fancy, expensive machines.

Instead, I learned about no-bulking circuit training workouts you could do in the comfort of your own home; all you needed was your bodyweight, a bench, some dumbbells, and those fun exercise balls— and you only needed 15 minutes!

I was instantly hooked and LOVED the newfound energy.

Plus, it zapped away the daily stress and melted the belly fat like nothing else I’d ever tried, allowing my body to take on a whole new shape!

I can even remember the exact day I noticed my new figure—it was Tyler’s birthday.

I was lifting him up to blow out the candles on his cake, and not only was it nearly effortless, but the definition in my arms made my sister exclaim with a hint of sibling jealousy, “Check out those sexy arms!”

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting comments like that!

Goodbye Baby-Belly—It Was NOT-So-Nice
to Know You…

Everything I always dreamed of having in my life and for my son was finally starting to come together for me: the perfect home, a loving family, and a body I could feel confident in.

All from an exercise regimen that was fast, fun, and effective, and a simple eating plan that gave me results.

That’s right: I had also finally figured out how to eat properly while on the go.

Nutrition played a huge role in my transformation, and it will in yours, too.

Me pregnant
with Tyler

Me today with Tyler

After 4 months of following a simple and safe nutrition program with delicious meal plans and adding short 15-minute strength training sessions to my program, I was as lean as I had ever been.

Gone was the soft “jelly belly” I thought I would be cursed with forever.

You could see the muscle definition in my legs—something I never had during my skinny-minny high school years, and something I thought I’d never, EVER have after pregnancy…

I could even see my abs!

In the midst of this transformation, I studied and read everything I could about nutrition and exercise, eventually pursuing a career as a personal trainer.

I applied everything I had personally learned the hard way, through trial and error, to help other Moms lose the baby fat and get their bodies back, too—and fast. I quickly became known as the personal trainer who specialized in working exclusively with busy Moms.

Do You Wish You Could Look Years Younger?

One of my busy Mom clients now looks better at age 31, post-baby, than she did at 21! You’ll see a before and after picture of her below.

Can you imagine looking sexier and more confident now than you did in your early twenties?

You CAN look BETTER than your pre-pregnancy body.

Fit Yummy Mummys don’t stand out for the wrong reasons at school functions by embarrassing their children with dumpy, old, oversized outfits and out-of-shape bodies. Fit Yummy Mummys stand out because they look great and radiate a confidence that young, “thin” women know nothing about.

You no longer have to “look your age,” and you can become desirable and sexy again—naturally!

You don’t need pills, powders, potions, or plastic surgery.

It’s all possible, thanks to the power of the Fit Yummy Mummy system.

Announcing America’s #1 Mom’s Lifestyle Program:
The Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System

When I saw just how powerful this system was for MY body, I immediately tapped into my “nurturing” instincts and decided I wanted to help as many Moms out there as I could.

I devoted my LIFE to getting the word out there. In fact, as I mentioned, I even became a personal trainer!

Over the next 4 years, I tested and tweaked these methods, supervising over 4,414 workouts with over 253 Moms…

But I still wasn’t happy.

I wanted to help THOUSANDS of Moms out there, not just a few hundred!

So I decided to write a book about my experience and what REALLY works for Moms. As you can see, this isn’t theory—it’s what I’ve personally tested on 253 Moms in over 4,414 workouts—and it’s what caused those Moms to lose 10, 20, 30, and up to 70 pounds!


Bikini Ready after just 12 weeks—Removing 5 inches off her waist!

“The Fit Yummy Mummy Short Burst Workouts were one of the biggest factors for my success. This workout system has taught me how to be healthy, fit, and get the most out of my time….getting a full workout in just 15 minutes.

Seriously, I can find 15 minutes a day to give my muscles what they need! The workouts and intervals are flat out challenging but so worth it! The energy I have afterward is great!

It is amazing how fast they build your strength and tone your body. The progressions are PERFECT. I feel like a giant cartoon light bulb went on over my head! I finally get it!”

I feel energized, powerful, and more confident than I have in the past few years. I am not just getting my body back; I am getting my life back. Holly, thank you. Not just from me but from my husband and my little boy. We’re having a lot more fun and love now.”

~ Yvette Trincade, Age 37 Mom to 2 year old son, Snowmass, CO


New Mom Lacy Lost Over 51 Pounds!



“I feel in CONTROL of my body!

My big focus for this challenge was on my nutrition. From the start of my 12 week challenge I decided to cut out all caffeine, sugar, wheat, and dairy. I was amazed at how much energy I had and it really forced me to eat more produce!

These past 12 weeks have brought a new focus and I am digging in to listen to my body and my emotions so that I have can be healthy inside and out! I can truly say I have so much more joy and energy now!

I feel I am becoming much more aware of stress eating and I am NO LONGER running to food for comfort when I feel stressed, lonely, or upset. This is a HUGE breakthrough that has really come about because I am logging my food each day .

I can hardly believe how much I’ve done in just 12 weeks!! I lost a total of 21.6lbs and 23.5″ of fat!!! Three weeks into the challenge I got my body fat tested and it dropped from 43.8% to 37.4%. I am now wearing some size 12′s and most of my 14′s are too big. I’m even wearing a 10 on top!

I feel more motivated than ever to continue this body shaping journey!”

~ Lacy Smith, Age 31, Mom of two boys (ages 6 months and 3 years), Rolling Meadows, IL


With the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System, you can lose fat in the comfort of your own home allowing you to…

  • Reclaim your tight body and butt
  • Tone your arms, legs, and abs
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Lift your glutes
  • And perk up your chest

All in just 15 minutes per day!

The Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System shows you how to balance being “on call 24-7” while shedding excess body fat so that you can treat yourself to a new pair of skinny jeans that show off your curves, and so you can feel proud when you’re on the soccer sidelines in your tiny T.

With your newfound energy, you’ll zip through another hectic day at home and work while still taking care of your kids and hubby.

Through four years of trial and error as a personal trainer supervising over 4,414 workouts, and my experience training over 253 Moms, I’ve found the best way to burn your belly fat and get your body back—in as little time as possible!

Here’s the Inside Scoop on What Makes the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System So Refreshing and Stress-Free While Allowing You to Change Your Body Faster than Ever…

You’ll get results NOW! When it comes to changing our bodies, we’re as impatient as a child the night of Christmas Eve. That’s why I’ve designed the Fit Yummy Mummy workouts to be short and sweet while helping you finally beat the “scale-that-won’t-budge.” You’ll see results fast and look years younger in only weeks.

Christina Lost 27 lbs and over 15 inches
in just 12 Weeks!


“I was at a really low point in September before FYM. I was 8 months post-partum and I still looked the same as I did 5 months pregnant!

Strength training and cardio at the gym twice a week plus power walking with the stroller almost every day did nothing for my weight loss goals and I was getting desperate.

I was heading back to work, still had 23 lbs of baby weight to lose and could not afford to buy a whole new wardrobe. So, when I found Fit Yummy Mummy, I decided to jump right in! The first 12 weeks has been the kick-start I needed to get my pre-baby body back plus more!

I achieved and even surpassed my transformation goals!

Physically, I feel so much better than I did…my old clothes fit better, I’m receiving compliments from friends and family, the clothes I was wearing at the start of this challenge are now way too big and sloppy-looking, my skin is clearer and I haven’t experienced the frequent bloated feeling that I used to. I even have more energy to play with and chase my now 11-month old son.

Prior to Fit Yummy Mummy, exercise for me included long duration cardio and participating in a strength training group class.

Now that I have a child, I don’t have the freedom to spend hours working out like I used to. FYM is exactly what I needed.

These types of workouts were new to me. I was so used to gym equipment but knew that in order for this to work, I needed to complete the workouts at home with my own equipment. Holly’s supersets give an awesome workout and my muscle strength and endurance have improved drastically.

I am so proud of myself and I am excited to see where I can go from here! I am heading back to work feeling confident in my skin and looking forward to buying a few new back to work pieces as a reward for achieving my goals. Even my weddings rings fit again!

Thank you Fit Yummy Mummy — you have made a tremendous difference in my life!”

~ Christina Janson, Age 33, Mom of 8 month old son, London, Ontario Canada ~ 1st Place winner for the Fall Transformation Challenge


“In 12 weeks, I went from a
size 12 to a size 8!”

“The Fit Yummy Mummy program is phenomenal, and has taught me not only what to eat, when to eat and why… but also how to permanently change bad habits that were keeping me from getting my body back all along.

With the short burst exercise sessions, my results were absolutely awesome.

I even learned how doing too much cardio was actually causing my body to store MORE FAT.

But with the Fit Yummy Mummy program, I lost 3% body fat, 4 1⁄2 inches from my waist and 1 1⁄2 inches from my hips. Thanks so much Holly!”

Erin Binkley, Age 28, Mother of a beautiful 3-year old daughter, Tanning Studio Manager, Elizabethtown, KY


Mandy Lost over 17 pounds, 13 inches, Shed Her Mommy Belly and Has a New and Improved Post Baby Body- all in just 12 weeks!

I absolutely have losses to report but far more importantly, there is much that I have gained. I now have a remarkable amount of energy, a far more positive attitude, and a boost in my self confidence.

I have gained strength, not just the physical (I now do 30 real push-ups when I could do 0 before), but as a person as well – I feel that I am in control of my life – creating my destiny.

I lost 3.5 inches off waist, 3.5 inches off my hips, 3 inches off my bust, 2 inches off of my thigh, and 1 inch off my bicep – that’s a total of 13” in 12 weeks!!! It feels great to be fitting into size 10 jeans again, and buying medium tops!

I want to thank Holly again for creating this lifestyle system. You have helped me change my life for the better and continue to help me make the world around me a better place! The challenge is over, but I am pumped to continue on this journey to see what I can achieve – to reach my potential!”

~ Mandy, Age 29, Mom to a handsome baby boy


“Lost 6 Inches From Her Waist, Got Rid of Her Cellulite, and Looks Better Now at 31 Than 21!

“After the birth of my second child, I was not happy, because the weight wasn’t coming off like it did after the first pregnancy. I was emotionally and mentally on edge. I even debated going on antidepressants!

But before I tried that, I knew there was something I could do, so I joined the gym and started by going to the aerobic classes. I enjoyed the classes since it meant being with other Moms, but I hit a plateau so quickly and the class times weren’t convenient.

Ugh! I just wanted to see a physical change so badly, so much so that I started to debate on whether to take a diet pill but I was terrified by my family’s history of heart problems.

That’s when I decided to try Holly’s Fit Yummy Mummy program, and I have no regrets about that decision.

I look and feel great! I can honestly say that I look better now at age 31 than I did at 21! I have been following the program for three months and the other day a gym member at asked me if I could be her trainer. What a huge compliment for me!

And guess what…I have seen a decrease in cellulite! (Even though I thought that was impossible.) Now I don’t have to think about saving my money for plastic surgery – I can think about buying clothes and going on vacation instead.

What has been the most surprising out of this experience is that I am not at the gym all the time. I spend less time working out but I am seeing better results.”

Nicole Whelan, Mom of a 6-year old & 3-year old


“At 36, She Looks Better than 26! She lost 9 1/2 inches in 12 Weeks & Spends Less Time Working Out Than Ever Before”

“Before I got pregnant I thought I was in really good shape.

After all, I spent 5-6 days a week in the gym doing lots of cardio and minimal weights. I liked my body for the most part, but it took a lot of work and I could still find areas I wasn’t happy about.

After I had my son I went right back into my old fitness routine. Unfortunately, I had neither the time nor energy to spend all day in the gym and honestly, lots of cardio just wasn’t cutting it.

Thank goodness I started the Fit Yummy Mummy program a few months later. I lost 4% body fat, 8 pounds, and 9 ½ total inches.

Holly taught me everything I needed to know to maximize my workouts and get the results I always wanted. Not only do I spend less time in the gym, the results are amazing. I am smaller, leaner and most importantly have more energy to keep up with a toddler.

At 36 my body is in better shape than it was in my 20′s and I feel great. I honestly don’t know what I’d look like if I didn’t have the guidance and coaching of Fit Yummy Mummy. Thank you so much Holly!”

Tina Martin, Stay at Home Mom, Age 36, 1 year old son, Elizabethtown, KY


You’ll burn the baby fat off forever. With cardio programs and generic workouts you get at a commercial gym, most Mom’s never truly get rid of the “baby fat” that we pack on during pregnancy.

No matter how hard we try, how much cardio we do, or what fad diet we try, none of these approaches seem to work. But I stumbled across a fast (and fun!) exercise solution that allows you to burn the baby fat in the comfort of your own home. The sessions will be over before you know it!


“Cardio Didn’t Work, But the Fit Yummy Mummy Workouts Helped Me Lose 9 Pounds and 5 Inches!”

121 pounds, 25% Body Fat

113 pounds 16% Body Fat

Loss of 5 inches in waist and 3 inches in hips

“I have always been into fitness; as a kid I played sports, as an adult I’ve always belonged to a gym going 4 to 5 times a week. I loved cardio…treadmills, stationary bikes, stair masters, and my all time favorite-the aerobics classes- I even taught classes for several years.

With all of this activity I was surprised to discover my body fat percentage was so high. In response I took more group fitness classes, started running, and experimented with fad dieting. I would lose weight, then take up my old habits again and gain it all back. Even though I was never more than 10 or so pounds overweight, I felt unsuccessful and unhealthy.

I just didn’t know the facts until the Fit Yummy Mummy program. I was shocked to learn that all the cardio I was doing was really working against me rather than for me. The meals I skipped only caused me to lose muscle mass instead of fat. I also discovered how my other bad eating habits-like stress eating junk food-effected not only my weight but my health. I quickly learned how to change those habits.

Once I started eating supportively and adding strength training 3 times a week with MODERATE cardio I started noticing a huge difference. In just 12 weeks I lost 9 pounds, and 3 clothing sizes! I never would have believed that eating 5 times a day would get me that and doing LESS cardio would give me my body back!

I learned how to make food the efficient fuel my body needed to support the muscle I was developing through the strength program and the results were great. Holly, I can never thank you enough for the information and support- this has changed my life forever!”

Julie Powers, Mom of 3 Children (7, 4, and 1), Social Worker


“I Lost a total of 51 lbs. and over 47 inches! Dropping from a size 18 to a 8!”

“Fit Yummy Mummy truly saved my life! I was overweight and out of shape. My feet hurt constantly. I ate for emotional comfort.

Within the 1st week of FYM, I had more energy and stopped craving sweets! I feel better now than I ever did in High School! I feel alive and energized!

I have discovered that I am worth taking care of me – my mind as well as my body. My reward for accomplishing my goals so far – climbing Mt. Sneffles – a 14,150 ft elevation peak!

Through FYM, I have discovered that I can do anything I set my mind to! Thank you Holly!”

~ Mary Dikeman, Age 40, Mom of Two, CO ~ Lost over 51 pounds, 47 total inches and is now in a size 8!


“Shed Over 16 Inches with 6.5 Inches off her Mommy Belly in just 12 weeks!”

“I had almost given up hope of ever getting into shape. I had just had my 3rd baby and 3rd c-section 5 months prior.

I was in the throes of selenium poisoning and all that entailed…joint, muscle and nerve pain all over my body and I was losing my hair….90% of it in all.

I was exhausted from taking care of my 2 yr. old and 5 month old 24/7 and had very little energy. I felt horrible. And I felt fat and ugly.

I had gotten up to 215 lbs., the heaviest I’d ever been without being pregnant. Too embarrassed to go anywhere, I stayed home most of the time.

When I happened upon Fit Yummy Mummy, I felt God had dropped this precious gift down from above! Someone (Holly) was giving me permission to only work out for 15 minutes a day…AT HOME??! I was hooked.

Just what I needed!!! I didn’t have “TIME” anymore (what’s that???) now that I had 3 children. I figured if all these lovely ladies who were busy moms like myself could do it, so could I!

For the first time in a long time, I felt there was HOPE… After the first 3 weeks, was I ever surprised to find out I’d already lost 6-1/2 inches!!!!

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the Fit Yummy Mummy program…ESPECIALLY in the lower body areas! This is where I toned up THE MOST! My hips slimmed down 4 inches, booty really perked up and I lost 5″ off each thigh!!!

I only worked out a total of 20 min. MAX, once a day…sometimes it only lasted 15 min. I can’t believe I used to work out 60-90 min., 4-5 x’s a week! This absolutely WORKS, and I cannot sing the praises enough of FYM!!!”

~ April, Age 37, Mom to Connor, 15; Ally, 2; and Kannon, 5 months, Marietta, GA


Over 40 pounds removed and Sheri Meierle is Jumping for Joy in her New Yummy Mummy Lifestyle!

“Being a busy mom and wife I forgot about me, and became lost in the shuffle of life. My nutrition and workout plan is now in place; I feel strong and energized.

Eating every 3-4 hours has kept me from being hungry or over eating. I wake up in the morning in the best mood.

My energy level is through the roof and it lasts all day. No longer am I ready to drop in the late afternoon!

My workout plan is unbelievable. The results you get from working out 90 minutes a week is mind-blowing! Who would have ever though that less is really more! Holly’s workouts are amazing. They are designed to achieve the maximum results in the least amount of time.

I feel very challenged working out this way. After I complete my workout I always leave feeling like I have really accomplished something. Did I mention that I love intervals? I have yet to be bored doing these.

There are so many ways you can do intervals, again more bang for your buck. I get so mad when I look back to how I used to workout, I wasted so much time doing it all wrong!

Thank you Holly for what you do everyday to keep us motivated and challenged. I would not be this Yummy without you!! ))

Thank you for creating a website where women can go to get support, to be motivated, to feel inspired to change their lives, and their family’s lives. We are welcomed with open arms and no one judges anyone, a positive.

To the ladies of this awesome community thank you for your continued love and support I am so proud to call all of you my friends. We have something very special here! You have all given me more than I could have ever expected.”

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to UNLEASH YOUR YUMMYNESS!!!!”

~ Sheri Meirele, Age 39, Mom of Two, Kentucky


You’ll get your pre-baby body back. Despite what others have told you, you actually can get back to wearing regular jeans (and even sizes smaller than before pregnancy!), thanks to the simple Fit Yummy Mummy system. It’s not unusual for a Fit Yummy Mummy to say she looks better now than she did in her early 20′s, even when she was doing hours and hours of aerobics each week.


51 and Back into a Size 4 – even after 8 kids!

“I did not think it was possible at age 51 after having 8 children, to feel this good!”

I was feeling changes on all levels: physically more energetic, spiritually more vibrant, and emotionally MUCH more positive and resilient. The ball was rolling!!

I started returning phone calls again, I found myself encouraging others with more positive affirmations, I smiled more, I even started getting up and making breakfast for my husband regularly! And all that was just the beginning.

Three years ago I took off my wedding rings because they were too tight. I did not expect to ever get them back on again, after all they are size 4-3/4, that’s unrealistic now.

NOT SO—On Sept. 10 I got them back on and they fit great, they are not stuck! About that same time 3 years ago, my toes started looking weird to me and I also started living with the awful feeling of a roll around my middle and a crease in my back.

My toes are back to normal (it was fat) , the roll is much smaller and the creases are gone

I bought some jeans at the second hand store last week, they were 2 sizes smaller than the ones in my closet! After 12 weeks things are moving in the right direction. I’ve got traction and momentum! I feel a jubilation and excitement that I thought was gone forever!”

~ Deb , Age 51, Mom of 8 ages 9 to 22, OH


“Lost 2 Inches & 5 Pounds of Fat in Only 2 Weeks—And Dropped a Jean Size in Only 10 Days!”

“I am starting to feel like a Fit Yummy Mummy.

Within the first week I could feel that I was starting to tone up and slim down. In fact, I lost 2 inches from my waist in a little over 2 weeks and lost 2% body fat (5 pounds of fat).

My tummy is starting to decrease in size and become more firm in just 3 weeks. My clothes are starting to sag and I don’t have to suck in to get in some of my pre-pregnancy jeans. I have a pure feeling about myself. It is hard to explain. It just seems as though the air I breathe is cleaner.

The workouts are just what I need. They fit into my schedule and I always feel so energized when I am done. I have the energy to keep up with daily tasks such as nursing, burping, changing and bathing my 11 week old.

I also seem to have more time to feed myself and my husband, pay bills, run errands and exercise. I constantly get compliments on how good I look.”

~ Jennifer Hurley, Age 27, Mom to 3 month old daughter


“How a Trainer Got Back to
Pre-Baby Shape”

“I’ve been a trainer for 11 years, working with dozens of Moms, and I know what works for fast results.

It’s not long, slow, boring cardio workouts. It’s short workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. Big commercial gyms will never tell you this, because they want your membership money.

They want you in there on that clap-trap cardio equipment, watching their TV’s and going through the motions. And they don’t care if you get results, because they just want a renewal on your membership.

But as a trainer who only gets paid when a client gets results, we’ve found over and over again that bodyweight exercises and short interval sessions are the key to fat loss – and more importantly, to helping a Mom get her body back and maintain control of her family’s schedule.

Three years ago I had a son, and in 6 months I was in “pre-baby” shape using a Fit Yummy Mummy workout protocol.”

Shondelle Solomon-Miles
Weight Loss Educator & Coach, Body Transformation Specialist


You’ll get fit in as little as 15 minutes per day. That’s just 1% of your week! It’s easy to save just 15 minutes per day to dedicate to getting your “pre-baby-body” back!

You can also try 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week if that fits your schedule better.

“Busy Moms Short Burst Workouts are a Lifesaver!”

“I Love doing these workouts, the short burst cardio is a life saver!

I have 4 boys so I don’t have a lot of time, but I can always fit in your workout and I love doing it! Thanks for all your support!

By the way I LOVE the workout DVD.

If your thinking about making another one, that would be great and I would love to purchase it!”

Pam O’Donnell, Georgia


“Triathlon Mom: Working Out Less, Getting Stronger, Lost over 10 Pounds!”

“A year ago, I was a size 12, pushing towards a 14. Just recently I did a little shopping.
Knowing a 10 fits, I grabbed the skirts I liked in 10′s.

I went to try them on and I am so happy to say that there was a lot of room in it.

So went back out and grabbed a few 8′s and THEY FIT!


I want to sing from the roof top “I’m an 8! I’m an 8! I’m an 8!”

I celebrated My Results with Triathlon
I was very humblly 3rd of only 6 women in the 30-39 age group.
However, I ran 9 minute miles. I have never run 9 minute miles before.

I am not spending hours upon hours exercising and getting stronger and leaner. The best part about the Fit Yummy Mummy program is how simple it is to implement. It takes a little planning and only 15 minutes per day exercising.

So far, I have lost 8 lbs and 8 1/2 inches while my friend has struggled with WW for years. Thank you Holly for creating this program. You have made a huge impact on my life and the life of my family!”

~ Deirdre Thompson, Age 37, Proud mom of Three, Michigan


“I love having the extra time at home with my kids!”

“I Have to say I am quite shocked. I usually workout for 1-1.5 hrs 3x/wk in the gym ….I do this program at home 6 days a week for 15 minutes.

I try it exactly as Holly said since I’m not getting the results I’d like at the gym. When I saw the exercises in the manual, I thought “this will be easy… I do these all in my classes”.


I do them back to back I’m only working out for 15 minutes. I definitely get my heart rate up and sweat. I love having the extra time at home with the kids and to get stuff done.”

Ellen Antoine, Carmel IN


You’ll help your family eat a variety of delicious, nourishing foods and avoid fad crash diets forever. The latest celebrity crash diet is only going to make you even more tired and exhausted than usual.

Restricting yourself to only one fruit or type of juice while trying to be a busy Mom never works, and only causes you to crash, while doing nothing for your belly fat.

With our proven meal planning tips, you’ll have the energy to keep up to your kids AND you’ll have a happy, healthy family fueled by nourishing foods, not the “take-out of the night” that only leaves them tired, overweight, and with bad eating habits for life.


“My Secret Amazes Everyone”

“I had a dr. appt. for a check-up yesterday. My dr. asked me, “Don’t most people gain weight over Christmas?

How’d you avoid that?” HA!!!!!! I loved it!!!

I am so happy to be part of a club that supports healthy life choices.

I look forward to new ideas, great fun and encouragement from all involved. I think others should know how amazing it is to be able to eat more, and lose fat! When people ask me my secret, I tell them that I’m eating more. :-)

I also add in that I’m eating supportive meals that are good for me, and doing interval and weight training–in about 90 minutes each week. They are amazed! It’s a fabulous plan! I love FYM!!!! Thanks!”

Susan Pearson, Tennessee


“Finally, A Lifestyle System that Works!”

“For me the two things that really sets Fit Yummy Mummy apart from other plans out there is that it is an all inclusive lifestyle plan.

It’s not a nutrition plan, it’s not a fitness plan, it’s both.

But more then that is the support group. I’ve been on several forums and they always seem to have people that make you not want to be there.

But this group being all women seems safer and friendlier then the other fitness communities. Holly’s support to each individual who asks for it is also a priceless part of everyone’s success. I have recommended this program to friends and will continue to do so because it works.”

Lisa Reece, Age 28, Mom of Two – ages 3 and 2 – Calgary, Canada


“Finally, a Lifestyle System for Busy Moms that delivers a toned, tight body!”

“I’ve practiced cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for over 15 years. Working with hundreds of busy moms, I know how important a sensible nutrition and an effective exercise program is for dramatic and lasting results.

Despite what many women believe, long bouts of cardio do not render the results of a tight and toned body. The answer also isn’t found in a plastic surgeons office. Rather the solution lies in time efficient workouts especially those busy moms can do in right at home.

Our most successful transformations include moms who incorporate strength training exercises, interval-style cardio sessions and a supportive nutrition plan – for these are the keys to true fat loss- prior to any plastic surgical procedure.

I routinely recommend the introduction of an appropriate program as part of a clients “lifestyle” before embarking on procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction.

The requirements of the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System for a busy mom are reasonable and can be sustained for the long haul.

I have had to opportunity to see the results of this system with some of my very own patients and I know that their happiness with their new look after surgery is in large part attributed to the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System.”

T. Gerald O’Daniel, MD, FACS Louisville, KY Chosen by Louisville Doctors the Top Plastic Surgeon in Louisville consecutively in 2001, 2005 and 2007.


“Mom of Four Children Needed ‘Real-World’ Fat Loss Program”

“I am a mother of four; 7 year old son, 3 year old son and 10 month old twin daughters; I also teach fourth grade full time. It is easy to see that time is not a luxury I have!

After having my girls my body did not go back to it’s old self and being the impatient person I am I wanted it done the day I had them.

I tried the low carb for a while, low cal diets and other fads until I found Holly’s Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System.

I saw how the program worked wonderfully for my cousin so I thought I would give it a try.

I am so glad I did!! Holly is a wonderful motivator. In 8 weeks I’ve lost 9 pounds of fat and 2 inches off my waist. I’ve even lost 1.5 inches from my hips!

It was different at first to eat every 3-4 hours but after a while it became habit and the food choices are unlimited! I encourage any busy mom to use Fit Yummy Mummy to get her body back!”

Melissa Gregory, Mom of 4, Age 23, 4th Grade Teacher


“Busy Pharmacist Loves Working Out at Home Without Long, Slow Cardio Workouts”

“I am a pharmacist at one of the busiest hospitals in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am also a busy mom of a 4 month old.

It is quite a challenge to balance my career, my home life, and try to find time to work out and eat right! But it is so important for us moms to take care of our bodies…so we can feel good about ourselves and have the extra energy we need to play with our kids.

One of the biggest myths that I hear from fellow working moms is the idea that it requires hour long cardio sessions to lose fat.  This is a surefire way to lower your metabolism and actually gain weight!

True fat loss and a firm, toned body can be achieved by performing workouts that use the strength of your own body weight.

The best part – these workouts can be performed right at home! Fit Yummy Mummy is the perfect solution for busy moms!”

Jennifer Henton, Pharm. D., Pharmacist, Indianapolis, IN


You’ve read about Hollywood celebs with their personal trainers and marathon exercise programs, but who has the 2 hours (and money!) per day to drive to a studio, do a 1 hour workout, and drive back?

You don’t need a 60 minute class each day when you can use the Fit Yummy Mummy program of only 15 minutes per day!

Since I first stumbled upon “short burst exercise” as an overweight, out-of-time mom over 4 years ago, I’ve now studied from some of the America’s top personal trainers, nutritionists, and Doctors to perfect the Fit Yummy Mummy (FYM) System and help Mom’s burn their baby fat and get their body back.

You Can Still Look Great—Even After Multiple Children!

I’ve always heard that losing the weight after your first child isn’t too hard, but after your second, it’s nearly impossible.

I say… nothing’s impossible!

The picture to the left is me holding the newest addition to our family.

He’s just 7 weeks old in this picture, and I’m already back to pre-baby shape.

Inside Fit Yummy Mummy, you’ll learn exactly how to do what I’ve done…. twice!

In fact, I’ve used the FYM System with over 253 Moms to change their bodies in my personal training studio in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, to perfect the most Mom-friendly, easy to use fat burning system.

A lot of my clients are former cardio junkies – and so was I – and were skeptical of how shorter, less frequent workouts could help them change their body.

But after a few short weeks, my clients were convinced the short burst workouts were the way to go.

Just imagine, a complete fat loss workout program that can be done in the comfort of your own home in less than 30 minutes per session, three times per week, allowing you to get back to your personal life, your busy day at work, or caring for your family.

Or you can split up the workouts into 15 minutes sessions done five to six times per week.

This program is flexible and all about suiting your lifestyle. I’ll show you all the options in the FYM System program.

By committing just 15-30 minutes per session, you’ll be rewarded with more than three hours of abundant energy in return.

Every Mom feels too busy to exercise, but by taking small breaks to work on you, you’ll become more productive and have all-day energy, burning fat and getting back in shape. It won’t take long, and its fun – I guarantee! In fact, you’ll find that by reserving a small block of time to workout, you actually accomplish more than if you had taken the day off.

But please understand…

The Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle is NOT

… Plastic surgery

… A starvation or fad “crash” diet

… A program that requires you to sacrifice family time

… Long, slow, mind-numbingly boring cardio workouts

… Heavy-lifting workouts that cause your thigh and arm muscles to “bulk-up”

Remember, this program wasn’t designed by some male bodybuilder who has no idea about your fat loss goals or how little time you have to workout, let alone the stress and real life situations a Mom has to deal with.

It was developed by ME – a Mom and a trainer to hundreds of everyday American Mom’s. I’ve been there before and have helped all of my clients through the struggles as well!


NOTE: Fit Yummy Mummy is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside
The Fit Yummy Mummy System…

Take a peek at some of the Fat Loss Tips and Strategies You’ll Learn When You Begin the Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle Today:

All You Need is 15 Minutes!
Boost your metabolism and burn calories all day long – all from quick 15-minute workouts

Workout At Home
Tone up your body in the comfort of your own home without expensive machines or gym memberships!

No More Long, Boring Cardio!
Get faster results in less workout time by DITCHING long, boring cardio and replacing it with short intervals!

The TRUTH About Fad Diets
Why you need to avoid crash, fad, restrictive “celebrity” diets that will only leave you tired, exhausted, hungry, and cranky

Lasting Results
The #1 secret to maintaining weight loss and how to develop this method of support from your friends and family

Busy Mom’s Fat Burning Foods
You’ll discover the best foods to eat for fat burning, physical and mental energy, and for your family!

How to Make Sense of Supplements
Why you don’t need energy pills, diet pills, appetite-suppressants or so-called “fat burners”! These are a waste of money and can do more harm than good. Instead, discover the 3 supplements you DO need to improve your health and create glowing skin and hair!

Create-A-Meal Menu Planner
This simple tool allows you to quickly and easily construct satisfying, energizing, fat burning meals for you and your entire family.

Fit Yummy Mummy Exercise Photos & Descriptions
You’ll get 30 pages of jam-packed photos for each exercise… plus workout charts with exercises, sets, reps and every other detail!

Bonus 12 Weeks of Advanced Workouts
Avoid the possibility of ever hitting a plateau when you have access to a variety of challenging moves that will stimulate your metabolism to new heights!


You’ll get a complete lifestyle success program to be the Best Darned Mom You Can Be, showing you how to save time on meal planning and exercise, so that you can have more quality time with your children and hubby.

Living well doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice more or follow a complex system.

All you need to do is take care of you first, and then everything will fall into place. Soon you’ll be known as the most energetic SuperMom around town!

Here’s EXACTLY What I Reveal Inside This
“Mom’s Only” Fat Loss System…

How To Set Goals The RIGHT Way – My “3-step-starting-point” allows you to maximize your results and produce all the motivation you’ll ever need… automatically!

The #1 Success Factor – Ever wonder why you’ve set goals in the past but gave up before you hit them? It’s because you’ve been missing the KEY ingredient… found on page 6 of Fit Yummy Mummy

My Top 7 Mindset Boosters – If your mind isn’t in the right place, you’ll spin your wheels like a hamster in a round wheel. These top 7 mindset boosters get you on the right track IMMEDIATELY – guaranteeing you’ll shape the fit yummy mummy body you’ve always dreamed of

The Fat Loss Fundamentals – Confused about all the contradictory information you hear about weight loss? My top 7 fat loss fundamentals get you up to speed in a flash on the fundamentals you need to know to achieve the best results

The Diet MYTH – Page 12 reveals exactly why diets are making you GAIN weight… and exactly what to do instead…

Why your “weight” is the LEAST accurate way of measuring your progress… and the 4 easy “hints” to look for which are the perfect indicators of your progress (hint – one of htem has to do with your “skinny jeans”!)

My “PP” plan (it’s nothing dirty – I swear!) for choosing the best foods effortlessly – page 13 reveals it all!

My Top 29 Flavor Enhancers – Sick of bland, boring food? These 29 flavor enhancers will add spice and pizazz to your food… transforming it from yucky to yummy in just seconds… without adding any calories!

Think Fat Is BAD? Wrong! Fat works beautifully for shedding pounds, skyrocketing your energy and boosting your metabolism. HOWEVER… you MUST be eating the right types of fat… all 9 of which are revealed on page 15!

The Fortune-Telling Calorie Estimating Calculator – Revealed! My fill-in-the-blank calorie estimating formula acts as a “fortune-teller” by showing you exactly how many calories you should be eating to lose weight!

How to “reprogram” your eating habits and enjoy a naturally suppressed appetite… which means you’ll enjoy shedding pounds without starving all day!

Page 20 reveals the most simple technique for reducing your appetitedropping poundsand even reducing wrinkles – all that the same time! Best of all… this technique will make your energy SOAR and is virtually effortless.

All of that is jam-packed in just the first 20 pages!

As I said, my goal was to help as many future Fit Yummy Mummy’s out there and I spared no expense in revealing every secret I’ve personally discovered since I became a Fit Yummy Mummy!


NOTE: Fit Yummy Mummy is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside
The “Nutrition” Section…

The top 15 “must-have” staples every fit yummy mummy should have in their kitchen…

Why You SHOULD Have “Cheat Meals” – Most people think you need to eat perfect the rest of your life. Not me! On page 24 I’ll show you my little “secret” for cheating and how it can actually HELP you lose weight faster!

The 5 “super foods” which melt fat, stabilize blood sugar, reduce your cravings and boost your energy levels through the roof!

Are Eggs Good For You? Here is the down-to-Earth honest truth about the age-old question “should you be eating eggs when you’re trying to lose weight?”

Your Pre/Post Workout Gameplan – Follow my exact steps showing you exactly what and when to eat after working out to give you more endurance and ramp up your fat loss!

My secret fat loss technique which shows you how to use WATER to turbocharge your metabolism (hint: I show actual PROOF of why this happens – which I guarantee you’ve never heard before!)

Page 28 reveals a weight loss technique very few people know about. Better yet… implement this super-easy technique in your life and you’ll not only lose weight but train yourself to automatically trash your cravings for sweets… AND be less stressed!

Too Busy To Eat? Page 29 shows you a step-by-step plan for Mom’s who are so busy they don’t have the time to plan meals… let alone eat them!

A 4-step plan for getting your entire FAMILY supportive of your new-found passion for losing weight and becoming healthier…

How to reduce late night snacking! Page 30

11 SIMPLE ways to slash calories when you’re eating out (page 31)

The top 6 “healthy” snacks which are killing your chance for a slim, sexy body! They are supposed to be healthy and help you lose weight, but you’ll see exactly why the OPPOSITE is really happening!

If you’re not careful, snacks that the media says are healthy can actually be slowing down your fat loss results to a crawling halt!

This single tip alone can save you from the pains of THINKING you’re eating healthy when all you’re eating are manufactured ingredients which are killing your body and making you add EXTRA pounds in the process!


NOTE: Fit Yummy Mummy is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside
The “Workout” Section…

Have trouble staying motivated to take action? Page 32 reveals a 6-step solution which takes just seconds per day and can help get you back on track!

How to sculpt lean, sexy arms and legs without “bulking up”! (Page 33)

How to put the “afterburn” in your muscles and burn fat – on autopilot – for up to 24 hours AFTER your workout is over!

8 “Getting Started” tips to maximize your efforts and virtually guarantee you’ll not only start – you’ll avoid the awful feeling of being so sore you give up after your first week!

A customizable 12 week plan for you to widdle down your hips and thighs… lose the belly flab… and build sexy arms… all at the same time!

High-quality pictures (with DETAILED descriptions) of each exercise I recommend you do so you never have to wonder how they’re done… saving you time and frustration!

“Fill-in-the-blank” goal setting sheets and nutrition journals to hold yourself accountable and prove just how fantastic you’re doing!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack “meal templates” give you an easy solution for figuring out your daily meal plans which takes just 1-2 minutes per day – perfect for the busy Mom!

The Shocking Truth About Food Labels – Think you know how to read labels? That’s why they WANT you to think! Page 62 pulls back the curtains on labels and shows you some “insider-secrets” on how to read labels so you always know exactly what you’re putting into your body!

My top 3 grocery shopping survival tips save you calories… time… and unnecessary frustration at the grocery store (page 63)

Page 64 reveals my “sample grocery list” you can copy word-for-word and take with you to the grocery store to make sure you’re buying affordable, fat-loss-inducing foods for you and your family!

Doing Everything Right And Still Overweight? On page 66 you’ll have immediate access to my “Fat Loss Checklist” which gives you a step-by-step solution to making sure you’re not missing anything important!


NOTE: Fit Yummy Mummy is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC

Order Today And Receive EVERYTHING You Need
To FINALLY Get Your Body Back In To “Pre-Baby” Shape!

Most books you get from Amazon or a bookstore not only are meant for GUYS who don’t have to deal with “broken metabolisms” after giving birth… they also don’t give you the whole picture.

They give you broken promises and the DREAM of being in fantastic shape, but never the real advice that gets you to that point!

That’s why if you order TODAY… you’ll also receive 10 bonuses designed to get you moving on the fast track to the “sexy Mommy” life!

These bonuses will help you get started immediately and ensure your success!

Bonus #1 – The Busy Mom’s 7-Step Quick-Start
Essentials Program (Value = $9.95)

Follow these 7 habits to fast success. If you don’t have a minute to spare, start here to learn exactly what you need to do on a daily basis with these 7 body-shaping tips that will save you time and energy.

These quick-start steps are as simple as it is going to get if you want to experience true and lasting changes in your body.


Bonus #2 – Interval Training MP3 (Value = $5.95)

Ramp up your workout intensity with this professionally designed interval training track from Workout Muse that takes you through a full interval training session, working 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off.

This saves you about $20 on a workout timer and pumps up your energy so you can have FUN while working out instead of wishing it was over!


Bonus #3 – Lunch Box Makeover! (Value = $19.95)

This awesome handbook (created by Tyler and Me) provides you quick and healthy lunch box ideas made easy. Complete with lunch box meal plans and recipes.

As a 6 year old, Tyler KNOWS what kids like him will and won’t eat. He actually helped me create every single on of these lunch box meal plans and recipes, and created them so your child will love them too!


Bonus #4 – Continuous Success Guide (Value = $19.95)

Your Fit Yummy Mummy recipe for a lifetime of results, to help you feel confident as you continue to move forward no matter your goal.

This manual will provide you with plateau busting strategies, goal setting guidance and tips to keep you getting the results you want.

This guide puts an END to yo-yo dieting… allowing you to lose your baby belly quickly… and permanently!


Bonus #5 – 5 Issues Of The Fit Club Newsletter
(Value = $29.95)

Receive 5 instantly downloadable newsletters crammed with workout strategies, nutrition tips, healthy recipes and Fit Yummy Mummy Success Stories to motivate and inspire you!

These newsletters are easy to read, easy to implement and will give you the motivation and knowledge you need to trim even more tummy fat off your body!


*NEW* Bonus #6 – Video Library Of All Exercises!
(Value = $39.95)

Hate reading Ebooks or regular books and trying to figure out how to do the exercises? No problem! When you invest in Fit Yummy Mummy today you’ll receive access to our video library which has videos of each and every exercise shown in the Ebook.

That way you’ll save time, never have to get stressed out trying to figure out the exercises… and if you ever need help with any… I’m here for you!

That’s A Total Of $542.65 In Value…Yours Today
For Just $39.95!

Designing a 16 week fat loss and nutrition program would easily cost you $397 if you were a private client of mine.

And I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of Mom’s who pay that price with a smile on their face to big it makes their cheeks hurt!

But in the Fit Yummy Mummy Exercise Program, you’ll get 16 weeks of advanced best belly fat burning workouts, plus 12 weeks of beginner and intermediate workouts for much, much less.

Plus… with the 7 added bonuses you just saw, that’s a total value of $542.65.

However, I know times are tough these days. We’re all pinching our pennies wherever possible and I completely understand that.

I realize you’ve probably already spent hundreds, possibly even THOUSANDS of dollars on books, videos, gym memberships and exercise machines and you still aren’t seeing results.

And that’s exactly why I’m only asking for a measly $39.95 to invest in a NEW, SEXY body for yourself. That’s as much as a single cheap meal for 2 at a local restaurant!


Yours Today For Just

NOTE: Fit Yummy Mummy is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC

Test-Drive The Fit Yummy Mummy System For 8 Weeks
With Our No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I know you’re probably skeptical or a little hesitant to try this out.

After all, there are a lot of shucksters out there trying to force you into thinking their weight loss program is the best and most effective system out there.

But they aren’t specific to MOM’s like you and I! They teach you generalities… not specifics which work just for busy Mom’s with worn-out metabolisms like us.

That’s why I’d like to show you just how confident we are by letting you try out The Fit Yummy Mummy System for 8 full weeks without risk before you make a decision.

If within those 8 weeks you still don’t think The Fit Yummy Mummy System is helping you burn off your extra baby weight, simply let us know and you’ll receive a quick-n-courteous, 100% refund.

“Lose Your Baby Fat…
Or We’ll Buy Our System Back!”

8 Week – 100% Money Back Guarantee

“If The Fit Yummy Mummy System does not give you the ability to get back into your “pre-baby-body”, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through. Just shooting us a quick email is all it takes!

Holly Rigsby



5 Great Reasons To Test-Drive
The Fit Yummy Mummy System Today!

It Takes Just 15 Minutes Per DayMost workouts require 60-90 minutes of your time, plus the time it takes to get ready… drive to the gym… and then drive home! With Fit Yummy Mummy, you can do a FULL workout in the time it takes you to blow-dry and style your hair.

That means you can fit in your workout while the baby is sleeping, before the kids wake up in the morning, while your husband gives them a bath, or even while the baby sits in his or her baby carrier and watches you workout!

All The Prep Work Has Been Done FOR You – Most exercise and nutrition plans require YOU to figure out how you want to workout and what types of foods you want to eat, how much of them, and how often. With my system, all of that is done for you. You simply follow the instructions, workout and eat according to my suggestions, and get your amazing body back!

Workout In The Comfort Of Your Own HomeA lot of women almost never have the courage to go the gym and get started. The tight, skimpy outfits worn by the young girls, the sweaty, grimy equipment, the creepy old men, and the loud, obnoxious teenagers are often too much to take – it makes a LOT of women afraid of the gym.

All you need is an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny area at home for you to do your sessions. You don’t need a room full of machines or gigantic cardio equipment that looks like it’s out of a science-fiction movie. Let your baby take a nap while you energize yourself, or do this once the kids go off to school. All you need are 15-30 minutes per session in the comfort and safety of your own “home gym”.

It’s Just $39.95 To Get Back In Shape!When you order today you’ll receive the 16-week training program (I charge local clients $397 for this) as well as 7 bonuses worth $149.65. That means you’re getting a total of $542.65 in value… for just $39.95!

Sure, that might be a little more than you’re used to paying for “fat loss books” in a regular bookstore, but have you ever gotten results from them? Of course not or you wouldn’t be reading this!

8 Week “Lose The Weight Or Don’t Pay A Dime” Guarantee I’d like to show you just how confident we are by letting you try out The Fit Yummy Mummy System for 8 full weeks without risk before you make a decision.

If within those 8 weeks you still don’t think The Fit Yummy Mummy System is helping you burn off your extra baby weight, simply let us know and you’ll receive a quick-n-courteous, 100% refund.


Yours Today For Just

NOTE: Fit Yummy Mummy is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC

The Power Is In YOUR Hands To Get Your Body
Back To “Pre-baby Shape… What Will You Do About It?

I know this system isn’t for everyone out there. After all, there are a lot of women who will simply read this letter, get excited about losing their baby belly and showing off their body… and then never do anything to make it happen.

And that’s fine!

If you’re comfortable and confident with your body – even if you’re still hanging on to the dreaded “baby pouch” – then that’s perfectly ok.

But if you’re frustrated that your metabolism has slowed downaren’t feeling as sexy as you used to before you had your children… and would love to experience walking down the street past your neighbors and having them stare in amazement at your brand-new, sexy body… then please try out The Fit Yummy Mummy System today.

Remember, you’re investment in your body is fully backed by our 8-week, 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

Whatever decision you make… stay healthy… stay happy… and be the best Mom you can be!


Holly Rigsby



P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the Fit Yummy Mummy System. If you aren’t thrilled with the decreased workout time and increased fat loss and energy from the Fit Yummy Mummy workouts in 8 weeks, let us know and we’ll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Fit Yummy Mummy is trusted by Moms all over America and the world, and I guarantee it will work for you too!

P.P.S. Think you’re too busy to start? As a Mom and former nanny, I’m living proof that even the busiest of Moms can find time in their schedule for a quick 15-minute workout. So in the same amount of time it takes to blow-dry your hair and get ready for the day, you can tell your body to burn fat and boost your metabolism all day long!

P.P.P.S. One of the BEST experiences you’ll have after you start the Fit Yummy Mummy system is the boost in self-esteem and confidence levels. You’ll make heads turn when you walk into your next parent-teacher meeting, or the daycare drop-off.

Everyday, someone asks my clients…

  • Have you really had a baby?
  • How did you get those toned arms?
  • Are you on Atkins? Did you go to Weight Watchers?
  • How did you lose your belly fat so quickly?
  • How did you get such a flat belly?
  • Are you taking those new diet pills?
  • How did you fit back into your old skinny jeans so fast?

And on and on and on.

But just tell them, “I’m a Fit Yummy Mummy“, and then go ahead and treat yourself to a new pair of skinny jeans in a size that amazes them all!


Yours Today For Just

NOTE: Fit Yummy Mummy is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC